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Working at IMC Chicago

When IMC made the decision to expand across the globe, it was no surprise that it chose Chicago.  As the center of the derivatives market, Chicago was and still is the prime spot to be for the US markets.  Inspired by entrepreneurship, our Chicago office has grown from 2 people to 150 since we began trading in 2000.  A commitment to technology and innovation brought us to where we are today: a diversified trading firm active in many different asset classes on all major exchanges in the US.

Our business model is built on teamwork and we encourage the best ideas regardless of title.  We continuously seek synergies between trading and technology in cross functional projects and teams.  The collegiate spirit is ever present at IMC and we encourage our people to challenge each other and to say what they think. Being smart gets you in the door; a continuous desire to improve will ensure you succeed.  

Feeling at home in a great team is important in any job and because IMC Chicago employs people from across the world, you’ll have endless opportunities to find your place on our team and build a network of friends.

To see what life is like inside IMC, check out our facebook Page, linkedin page, or youtube videos.
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Meet our people


10am – 5pm. Network with senior technologists from IMC.

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Washington University Stem Slam

Begins at 6:15 and lasts until 7:30 PM. Learn about IMC through some of our senior technologists.

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Washington University Fall Career Fair

3:00-7:00 PM Speak with senior technologists from IMC to learn about trading and development.

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MIT Career Fair

10:00 AM-4:00 PM. Speak to trader alums from MIT and senior technologists.

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UIUC ECS Career Fair

10:00 AM-4:00 PM Network with UIUC alums in trading and technology.

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Stanford All School Fall Career Fair

11 AM - 3 PM Network with technologists to learn about how IMC trades and the cool software we create!

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Stanford Computer Forum Career Fair

11:00 AM-4:00 PM Network with technologists to learn about how IMC trades and the cool software we create!

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University of Chicago Career Fair & Hack Night

12:00 PM- 4:00 PM Network with trading and technology alum from University of Chicago to learn about IMC.

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Northwestern SWE Industry Day

Time TBD. Network with Northwestern Alum and learn about trading and technology.

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Meet the recruiters

Ashely Scott, University of Illinois "marathon runner"

Helpful Interview tip: Don’t get stuck on finding the correct solution to a problem. We are more interested in how you work through a problem, and the ideas and questions you have throughout the process. Sometimes a question we ask may not even have a right answer!

Shelley Hunt, University of Illinois "avid Chicago sports fan"

Helpful interview tip: Don’t get discouraged if you have no experience in finance. We don’t care, that’s the easy part we can teach you! We are more interested in finding people that love working on new technologies and delivering cool projects to end users (and watching them go into production that day in some cases!).